Brighten, deep cleanse and buff away dulling skin. We always include an LED to illuminate your complexion.

Gently resurface and remove dead dulling superficial skin cells with our clinical strength Microdermabrasion. A great introduction to in clinic treatments, or a skin maintenance “pick-me-up”. During treatment customised cosmeceutical ingredients are applied to further address your desired outcome. We then incorporate a Smartlux LED to ensure maximum rejuvenation and healing benefits are delivered for a premium result. This procedure smooths, gently refines and works towards achieving a natural skin glow and healthier complexion.

We use customised, clinically advanced peels to regenerate and improve your skin’s health. We never over peel or strip the skin and we always include an LED to illuminate your complexion.

We customise our advanced cosmeceutical graded peels to suit your skin’s needs, so that means if we need to work with a few different peels to target different parts of the skin during your visit, we do at no extra cost. We incorporate a Smartlux LED into our all of our custom skin peels to further rejuvenate, heal and maximise the results of the peel. This procedure deeply exfoliates, refines and retextures the skin resulting in a healthy, brighter complexion.

Illuminate resurface and smooth the complexion. This targets congestion pigment, scarring, acne and ageing. *This peel requires preparation, is more aggressive and requires a small amount of down time.

For skin types looking to restore radiant, youthful looking skin. A deep exfoliating treatment containing the following ingredients:
  • Salicylic Acid 20% | Salicylic Acid is an oil soluble BHA providing deeper exfoliation helping to minimise excess oil and lift debris to clarify skin.
  • Tyrostat 11TM | A powerful complex of Rumex Occidentalis and Vitamin C to help illuminate and even out complexion.
  • AHA Fruit Blend | Provides potent antioxidant and exfoliating properties to help improve texture of the skin.

Illuminates complexion, smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces sun damage and ageing. It targets ageing, fine lines, deep rejuvenation and colour clarity.*This peel requires preparation, is more aggressive and requires some down time.

For skin types looking for a strong retinol effect skin peel to target the skin with the following ingredients:
  • AGP Complex (30%) | Helps encourage cell turnover.
  • Lactic Acid (20%) | Promotes gentle exfoliation to help refine and clarify.

Cosmelan is the most powerful skin lightening therapy available when compared to other depigmentation treatments currently on the market. For up to 95% reduction with the world’s leading and most effective treatment for pigmentation caused by melanin. This Depigmentation treatment targets all types of pigment but more specifically stubborn hormonal pigment called Melasma that is difficult to treat with laser and home care products.
X1 treatment only is needed to obtain results. Included in the price of this treatment is a a prep facial, 3 months of skincare and a following up healing and calming treatment to keep skin health in tact.
*Downtime is required with this treatment.