Jessica Ross

It was during this time she formed the idea of a gender-neutral salon concept that welcomed both sexes with treatments designed to maximize skin health and unleash confidence.
“UNOIT is an urban haven that caters equally to both men and women, as each skin type requires specific attention and education,” says Jessica. “I’m incredibly passionate about giving my clients personalised advice during each visit, setting them up for success from the start. Our treatments reflect this concept of ‘clinical aesthetic meets ritual care’ in a warm welcoming setting. This is your time. I want you to relish every moment you are within our space and to walk away the best version of yourself.”
Jessica Ross and her expert team focuses on real results which are driven by our tailored approach, personalisation and truly understanding our clients skin goals. Our experienced team of specialists only use leading technologies and safe practices to achieve the very best results. Because when you look as good as you feel, U-NO-IT.

Unoit Beauty Clinic